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Ape Escape: Million Monkeys™
Ape Escape Million Monkeys Logo1

PS2 MiniIcon


SCE Japan



Release Date(s)

Japan July 13, 2006


Soichi Terada

Ape Escape: Million Monkeys, known as Saru Get You! Million Monkeys in Japan (サルゲッチュ! ミリオンモンキーズ) is a platforming video game published and developed by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 2 video game console. It was released throughout Asia a year after the previous title Ape Escape 3. The game entered the "Best Of" franchise on March 15, 2007, which was less than a year after the original release date.

Plot Edit

The game has two story plots to play. One is "Team Kakeru" referring to the main heroes of the series, the other "Team Specter" which refers to enemy Specter and the monkeys. Each "team" has their own plot, which involves the same Gameplay, but the story has changed.

In "Team Kakeru" mode, the story starts with the main heroes gathering in Tokyo. The Professor's computer program in the form of the character "Charu", alerts them of the disaster happening in the city. It is shown that Specter has joined forces with an alien race, to take over the world once more. However, it's later revealed that the "alien race" are mutant versions of the breed "Pipotron", which take the DNA of the Pipotron Monkeys, and uses it to create other creatures to help dominate the globe. You are left to destroy any of the Specter's Robot's and Monkeys and restore order to the world. Once Specter has been defeated, monkeys run wild throughout the city, and the game takes a turn in a different direction, and you are left to save the globe from being destroyed by mutant creatures around the world.

In "Team Specter", Specter is on vacation and is alerted by the Pipo Monkeys that the monkeys have started to take over the world, without his permission. He is shown that someone has created a Specter impostor, and Specter goes to save the world, before he is defeated. Once the impostor is defeated, it's revealed it was a Pipotron called "Meta" and it can take form of any living creature. The Pipotrons used Meta to take control of the monkeys, and now that he is gone, the monkeys have gone wild throughout Tokyo, and mutant creatures have taken over the city. It's now up to Specter and his team to save the world.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay uses the action based gameplay from the party title Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed, and mixes it with the platforming ape catching of the original title. Players use different weapons to destroy machines, and creatures lurking throughout the city. Players also use Gadgets to defeat monkeys, and use the "Monkey Net" to catch them. Each mission requires a different goal. Sometimes you will need to defeat a boss, other times you will need to defeat a set of Targets, defend certain characters or weapons that will help you throughout the game or sometimes you just need to capture a set of monkeys. Each mission containing monkeys has up to 100 monkeys available for capture. The more you capture, the more "Gotcha Points" get added to your total score, which helps you unlock certain items in various ways. Missions #18 and #19 differ from the rest of the game. It requires you to solve virtual puzzles within a time limit. This is the only occasion where Gadgets are no longer necessary to win the mission.

Playable Characters Edit

All of the playable characters from Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed return in this game. For the first time ever, Specter is playable. Jake and Dark Specter are unlockable characters, but are only playable in Coliseum Mode and Multiplayer Mode. A new character named Pipotron G is playable.







Monkey Team

Pipotrons (Pipotron Red, Pipotron Blue, and Pipotron Yellow)

Pipotron G

Jake (Unlockable)

Dark Specter (Unlockable)

Controls Edit

The controls in Million Monkeys are different this time around. Along with moving the Right Analog Stick, players can also use Gadgets by pressing a button.

In-Game Controls
Button Input Action
Move the Character
Use Gadget
Use Gadget
Use Gadget
Use Gadget
Monkey Camera
Lock-On Target
Use Selected Gadget
Pauses the game

World Map Controls

Button Input Action
Move Character

Menu Controls

Button Input Action
Move Selection

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The game was planned to be released in the United Kingdom in late 2006, but the game was postponed and later canceled due to Ape Escape 3 coming out on the same year.
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