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Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed™
Ape Escape Pumped & Primed
Full name

ガチャメカスタジアム サルバト〜レ(Gachameka Stadium Sarubato~re)


PS2 MiniIcon


SCE Japan



Release Date(s)

Japan July 1, 2004
America October 20, 2004

Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed, known in Japan as Gacha Mecha Stadium Saru Battle (ガチャメカスタジアム サルバト~レ), is a spin-off party game based on Ape Escape. This game was released in 2004, in Japan and America for the PlayStation 2. The game consists of a series of minigames.

Story Edit

Spike, Natalie, Casi and the Professor joins the High-Tech tournament, a virtual world. Helga, the previous champion, is on an important mission to find the disk based on her father's research, hidden in the trophy. A Pipo Monkey and Team Monkey also join the duel to win the tournament under Specter's command to gain power, and the mysterious Pipotrons join the tournament, also looking for the disk.

Later on, the contestants meets Jake, who promised to join the tournament with Spike, but went under Specter's control. Jake then battles against the other characters three times in different styles, as well as Specter. Specter fights in a Goliath robot (Ape Escape 2) and it has 2 legs. On the third battle, it's on his battleship.

At the end of the tournament, the Pipotrons steal the trophy (unless the player plays as them and wins it fairly) and discover the disk. The Pipotrons give it to a super computer virus called Grid Core, who wants to conquer the world. However, once he has the disk, the villain decides that the regular three Pipotrons deserve the same fate as the others. The new villain introduces a new tournament (aka the virus-tech tournament), where the characters are fighting for their very lives while getting closer to the villain's lair. Along the way, you will go against Super Pipotrons who are 100 times powerful than the original ones. The last few bosses before the villain are Dark Jake and Specter. When you reach the new villain (in the form of Grid Core) and defeat him, the virtual world turns back to normal.

Gameplay Edit

Unlike previous Ape Escape games, Pumped & Primed is a multiplayer party game with up to four players competing in various mini-games. The games include Arena battling with either melee or ranged weapons, Foot Racing while using Sky Fliers and collecting coins, underwater battles using submersibles, tank fights, using RC cars to collect the most coins, boat racing, and boss battles. Every character has their own equivalents to the usual gadgets with the Pipo Monkey using a stick as a Stunclub and flowers as Sky Fliers.

You may not play against bosses or in the Virus-tech World in Versus mode and you may only use up to four gadgets in mini-games that allow gadgets.

Doing exceptionally well in mini-games wins prizes from fans which are monkeys from previous Ape Escape games. 3rd Place prizes are Fan IDs which tell you about the monkey sending the prize for that mini-game, 2nd Place also gets a Fan letter from the monkey, and 1st Place prizes are presents that can contain new outfits, gadgets, vehicles, and the monkey who sent it as a Summon. These can be equipped in the Customization Mode for every character excluding Jake, but are separated per character (i.e. gaining the prizes for one character does not unlock them for every character).

The Summons are used to help you win battle mini-games and use up some of the special bar when activated. They can do things like heal you, cause a sandstorm, attack the opponent directly, etc. Summonings can only do one thing and you can only have one summon. Not all summons come from previous games and two summons come from the Freaky Monkey Five!

After the Subfinals you may use Special Attacks by combining buttons next to each other with each character having different specials depending on what gadgets are equipped.

For example: the Pipo Monkey gets help from other Yellow Monkeys, Casi places status effects on opponents and can stop time, and Spike uses various Stunclub techniques.

After beating Story Mode once, you can use any gadget in mini-games where you would normally be forced to use a specific gadget.

List of Characters Edit

Playable Characters (Default) Edit

The characters that the player starts with at the beginning of the Game.






Monkey (Yellow)

Team Monkey (Red, Black, Blue, Aqua, Green)

Pipotrons (Pipotron Red, Pipotron Blue, and Pipotron Yellow)

Unlockable Characters Edit

These characters are unlockable. They cannot be played during Story Mode and con only be played in VS Mode.

Jake (unlock by completing story mode, multiplayer only)

Dark Jake (unlock by 100% completing story mode, multiplayer only)

Non-Playable Characters Edit


Grid Core (Mystery Man)

List of Gadgets Edit

There are five gadgets available, each with a similar function of other entries but each character uses all of them differently; from design to unique ways. The gadgets are:

All gadgets come with 3 different elements; Ice, Fire, and Thunder. Ice stops enemies on hit. Fire does extra damage/Knockdown, and thunder disables opponent's use of gadgets.

List of Vehicles Edit

For the first time in the series, Vehicles are considered Gadgets. The Vehicle Gadgets are:

These Gadgets can only be used for there respective modes and only have one element, Ice.

List of Clothes Edit

Spike Natalie Professor Casi Helga Pipo Monkey Team Monkey Pipotrons
Normal Wear Normal Wear Normal Wear Normal Wear Normal Wear Normal Wear Normal Wear Normal Wear
Doctor Set Festival Set Street Set Laborer Set
Burning Set Trenchcoat Penguin Suit Panda Suit
Jacket Set Royal Set Ancient Set King Set
Pirate Set Cute Girl Set Sailor Set Office Worker
Role Play Set Cool Black Kitchen Wear Father Set
B-Ball Set Killer Yellow Pirate Set Dinosaur Set
Blue Set Cider Blue Santa Set Grind Set
Fairy Tale Set Office Lady Pink Suit Aloha Set
Pop Orange Set School Jersey Overalls Emperor Set
Aloha Set Samurai Set Tartan Jacket Heavy Metal
Business Set Jockey Set Pajamas School Jersey
Ninja Set Nurse Wear Raccoon Suit Army Set
Tiger Set Beauty Stripe Red Coat Octopus Suit
Soccer Set Gorgeous Set Police Set Boxer Wear
Alien Set Rider Set Nurse Set Country Set
Green Jersey Set Pajamas Maid Set Police Set
Bronze Set Bronze Set Bronze Set Bronze Set Bronze Set Bronze Set Bronze Set Bronze Set
Silver Set Silver Set Silver Set Silver Set Silver Set Silver Set Silver Set Silver Set

Monkey Fan Club Edit

While you can't capture monkeys in this game, can view monkeys in the style of a Monkey Book.

Gallery Edit

Covers Edit

Wallpapers Edit

Renders Edit

Concept Art Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first Ape Escape game to be rated T in America.
  • This game was not released in Europe.
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