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Ape Escape 2™
Ape Escape 2 USA

PS2 MiniIcon


SCE Japan



Release Date(s)

Japan July 18, 2002
America June 30, 2003
Europe March 14, 2003

Ape Escape 2, known as Saru Get You 2 in Japan (サルゲッチュ 2) is the second installment of the Ape Escape franchise, and the direct sequel of Ape Escape. It was released on PlayStation 2.

Synopsis Edit

This game takes place after the events in Ape Escape, where Spike had stopped Specter from taking over the world. After some time had passed, the Professor had left for a vacation leaving his granddaughter, Natalie, and Spike's cousin, Jimmy, to watch over the laboratory. The Professor has left them with one task: deliver a load of monkey pants to the monkeys in Monkey Park. Jimmy accidentally sends not only the monkey pants, but some Monkey Helmets as well, wrecking the laboratory in the process. Specter gets a hold of one, and yet again makes an army of monkeys bent on ruling the world. Under Natalie's orders, Jimmy aims to capture all the monkeys and stop Specter (due to the mess-up from earlier). However, Specter has supplied five monkeys, the Freaky Monkey Five, with Vita-Z bananas, making them stronger and more intelligent than the average monkeys.

Jimmy manages to capture all of the Freaky Monkey Five, except Yellow Monkey. Before his fight with White Monkey, Pipotchi, a baby monkey accompanying Jimmy, has been kidnapped, in order to transfer the data in his Monkey Helmet (a re-engineered model which makes Pipotchi friendly) into a device called the Lethargy Laser. Rescuing Pipotchi, Jimmy makes his way through a monkey controlled military base, and confronts Specter, who is waiting for him with a redesigned version of his battle cruiser from the first game. Before the two can battle, Yellow Monkey, now a giant monster thanks to an overdose of Vita-Z bananas attacks the facility. Specter flees, and Jimmy manages to downsize and capture Yellow.

Jimmy, the Professor and Natalie then discover the purpose of the Lethargy Laser. By firing it at the globe, all humans worldwide will lose the will to fight back, making it easier for Specter and the monkeys to take over the world. Jimmy confronts Specter at his moonbase, who attacks him with a giant robot. Once defeated, Specter attempts to fire the laser, but Jimmy states that humans will never give up, and captures him. Jimmy and Pipotchi then flee the exploding moonbase.

Shortly afterwards, Specter escapes and goes into hiding. Jimmy then proceeds to capture all the remaining monkeys before the Professor discovers Specter's hiding place. Jimmy warps there, encountering Specter, and the two of them battle again. Specter loses and is once again captured. The game ends with Spike visiting the laboratory, which is again destroyed when Jimmy accidentally crashes a spaceship into it.

Minigames Edit

Like in the previous game, Ape Escape 2 features 3 minigames. But this time, instead of being unlocked only by collecting Specter Coins, the player has to pay for them with Gotcha Coins, collected throughout levels, via a vending machine called the Gotcha Box in the Travel Station. However, you still need to clear a specific level in order to make those available in the Gotcha Box.

How to unlock
Dance Monkey Dance Ape Escape 2 Dance Monkey Dance! Clear Ninja Hideout
Monkey Soccer Ape Escape 2 Monkey Soccer Clear Enter The Monkey
Monkey Climber Ape Escape 2 Monkey Climber Clear The Lost Valley

Characters Edit

Ape Escape 2 Jimmy 2 Ape Escape 2 Natalie Ape Escape 2 Professor Ape Escape 2 Pipochi Ape Escape 2 Specter

Levels Edit

Name Monkeys
Travel Station None
Liberty Island Harley Q. Win (Secret Monkey)





Tomkey Kruise

Breezy Village Dozy





Balboa (Secret Monkey)

Port Calm Dannyboy







Manuel (Secret Monkey)

Viva Apespania Pogo











Luis (Secret Monkey)

Castle Frightmare! Arthur (Secret Monkey)


The Invisible Monkey (Secret Monkey)

Monk Quixote






Count Monkula




Vita-Z Factory Vic





Arnie (Secret Monkey)

Phil G.



Casino City
Ninja Hideout
Snowball Mountain
Lookout Valley
The Blue Baboon
Enter the Monkey
Simian Citadel
Panic Pyramid
Pirate Isle
Land of the Apes
The Lost World
Skyscraper City
Code C.H.I.M.P.
Moon Base

New Game+ Edit

Play as Spike Edit

If the player has successfully complete the game and catch all monkeys, Spike can be playable on a new file. Highlight the "New Game" option on the Main Menu, hold L1 and press Start to play as Spike. In this mode, all of the Monkeys become harder to catch. However, all of the Gadgets in the game become available from the beginning. There are also no cutscenes in this mode.
Ape Escape 2 Spike

Development Edit

The music of the game was composed by Koji Hayama, managed by Don Makkou and Bungo Fujiwara of Two Five and data programmed by Masaaki Kaneko of Procyon Studio. The game's sound effects were created by Takashi Kanai and Junko Sano. The voice acting of the American version was recorded by Dan Rich and Jeremy Blaustein. The voice acting of the European version was recorded at Side UK on Great Titchfield Street in London, with Andy Emery serving as the voice director. Ape Escape 2 was re-released as a PSN title in 2016, featuring trophies and upscaled graphics.

Voice Actors Edit

American Edit

  • Veronica Taylor as Jimmy
  • Tara Sands as Pipotchi
  • Rachael Lillis as Natalie
  • Dan Green as the Professor and Spike
  • Gregory Abbey as Specter, Blue Monkey, and Red Monkey
  • James Carter Cathcart as Yellow Monkey
  • Debi Derryberry as Pink Monkey
  • Gary Littman as White Monkey

European Edit

  • David Holt as Hikaru, Pipotchi, and Monkey Yellow
  • Rachel Preece as Natsumi and Monkey Pink
  • Jonathan Keeble as the Professor
  • Marc Silk as Specter and Monkey White
  • Richard Pearce as Monkey Blue and Kakeru

Gallery Edit

Tie-in products
Stage Settings

Trivia Edit

  • The PlayStation 4 re-release of Ape Escape 2 has the European voice actors in the US. It is unknown why.
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