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Ape Escape 3™
Ape Escape 3

Ape Escape


PlayStation 2


Sony Computuer Entertainment


Sony Computuer Entertainment

Release Date(s)

Japan July 14, 2005
America January 17, 2006
Europe May 5, 2006


Naoto Ohta
Yuzo Sugano


Naoto Ohta


Soichi Terada

Ape Escape 3 is the third installment of the Ape Escape franchise, released on the PS2.

Synopsis Edit

The story begins when Specter, the Pipo Monkey's Leader, finding a Monkey Helmet and hiring the human scientist Dr. Tomoki to aid him in his evil plans. They establish TV stations protected by the Freaky Monkey Five where they plan to broadcast TV shows worldwide. The television shows that are broadcast on every television put every human except the twins, Kei and Yumi, their aunt Aki, and Natalie into a mindless trance. When Natalie informs Kei and Yumi that Spike, Jimmy and the Professor were all infected by the television show, they go out to catch the monkeys and thwart Specter and Dr. Tomoki.

Their mission was to go to every movie set and capture all the monkeys there and destroy the satellite there. Kei and Yumi easily capture White Monkey, Blue Monkey, and Yellow Monkey. When they reach the TV Station where Pink Monkey is, Satoru and Sayaka's attempts to capture her fail and she escapes. They manage to capture Red Monkey afterwards.

When they reach Tomoki City, Tomoki challenges them to a battle in his giant Tomo-King robot. Tomoki, after being defeated by Kei and Yumi, and being humiliated by Specter, lets them take his rocket to space to defeat his former partner. Once they reach Specter's outer space base of operations: Space Station SARU-3, they capture all the monkeys and deactivate the movie sets on their way to Specter. When they reach Specter, he tells them his plan about how he will use his space station to cut the earth in half and keep half of it for the monkeys (leaving the other half, originally meant for Tomoki, to the humans). Afterwards he gets in his new King Gorillac Mech and tries to activate his plan. He is defeated and the two escape from the satellite, leaving Tomoki to give his life to deactivate the Twin Heavens. He survives. After Specter is defeated, Pink Monkey releases him and the rest of the Freaky Monkey Five, leaving them to be caught again in extremely similar missions. To complete the game one hundred percent, all the four hundred and forty-two monkeys have to be caught, all the time trials have to be completed with a gold time, and all the items, CDs, Video Tapes (except 28), Car Skins, Genie Dance tracks, books, etc. have to be bought. The game holds a total of four hundred and thirty-four monkeys if the secret code monkeys are not caught.

Characters Edit

  • Kei / Satoru is one of the two main playable protagonists of Ape Escape 3. He is a typical overconfident hothead, and he wants to stop Specter.
  • Yumi / Sayaka is the first and only playable heroine in the main series, and is one of the two characters you can pick to play as and she wants to stop Specter.
  • Aki is the aunt of Kei / Satoru and Yumi / Sayaka and acts as a guide for them, making a futuristic bracelet that allows the player to morph into any of 7 forms. She also holds a history with Dr. Tomoki, working with him at one point.

Gameplay Edit

At the beginning of the game, you choose between Kei / Satoru and Yumi / Sayaka to play as, where your choice only determines whether some monkeys are attracted to you or not, as some are in Yumi's / Sayaka's "Fan club", and will be lovestruck at first sight. R1 and R2 are your jumping buttons, whereas the four face buttons are assigned gadgets and dictate which gadget you have equipped.

Gadgets Edit

  • Stun Club - "This gadget is used for standard attacks." Returning from previous games, this is one of the two gadgets you start out with, and one you will be using a majority of your playthrough. You tilt the Right Joystick in a direction to hit in that direction. See more
  • Monkey Net - "This gadget is used for capturing monkeys." Also returning with a new name and being a starter gadget, the Monkey Net allows you to capture the conniving monkeys and is probably the most used gadget of them all. You spin the Right Joystick to move the net. See more
  • Monkey Radar - "This gadget is used for locating monkeys." As the first gadget you obtain upon entering a level, it's two uses are to find monkeys' locations and to find out more about those monkeys. It is obtained as you enter Hide-n-Seek Forest / Hide-and-Seek Forest. You spin the Right Joystick or press L2 to view more information. See more
  • Super Hoop - "This gadget allows you to run quickly." The Super Hoop is one of the fastest ways to travel in Ape Escape 3, only being rivaled by the Cyber Ace's mid-air dash. It is the most useful gadget to speedrunners or when you're performing the time trials. It is obtained as you enter The Big City / Life in the Big City. You spin the Right Joystick rapidly to activate the hoop and move the Left stick when activated to move faster. See more
  • Slingback Shooter - "This gadget allows you to attack from far away." The slingback shooter is a slingshot that is used to either knock high-up monkeys down or as a long range weapon, along with being able to hit certain unreachable levers or switches. In the Shopping area or from Specter TV boxes, you can obtain two other types of ammunition for it. It is obtained as you enter Specter TV Studio / Thrilling TV Studio. You pull back the Right Joystick and release to fire a shot. See more
  • RC Car - "This gadget can be remote-controlled."
  • Sky Flyer - "This gadget is used for high-flying."
  • Water Net - The Water Net is a strange gadget, as it is not equipped, but simply deployed automatically when the player enters water. It is obtained as you enter Bootown / Little Shop of Horrors. You move with the Left Joystick and tilt the Right Joystick to deploy a net, and pressing the Left Joystick in will make you dive, and pressing R1 or R2 after that causes you to rise.

Morphs Edit

See also. A new arrival for the Ape Escape series, morphing allows the player to change form and gain abilities not able to be gained via gadgets. These include stronger and more varied attacks, greater movement ability, and other, more specific abilities as well.

  • Fantasy Knight - "This defensive morph has a powerful attack and wields a mighty shield."
  • Wild West Kid - "This morph is good at long distance attacks."
  • Miracle Ninja - "A nimble morph with a Doppelgànger ability."
  • Genie Dancer - "This morph calls forth a dancing genie!"
  • Dragon Kung Fu Fighter - "This morph is great for combo attacks."
  • Cyber Ace - "This morph gives you an Electro-pulse Spark attack and a mid-air dash."
  • Super Monkey - "This morph lets you befriend the monkeys and search for hidden rooms!"

Minigames Edit

Ape Escape 3 Mesal Gear Solid Ape Escape 3 Super Monkey Throw Stadium Ape Escape 3 Ultim-ape Fighter!
Mesal Gear Solid Super Monkey Throw Stadium Ultim-ape Fighter!

Levels Edit

Name of Level


Monkeys in Level (NTSC)


TV Station Ukki Pan
Seaside Resort Nessal - Ukki Pia - Sarubo - Salurin - Ukkitan - Morella - Ukki Ben - Kankichi - Tomezo - Kamayan - Taizo
American : Hide-n-Seek Forest

European : Hide-and-Seek Forest

Ukki Pon - Ukkian - Ukki Red - Rosalin - Salubon - Wolfmon - Ukiko - Lambymon - Kreemon - Ukkilei - Spork - King Goat - Marukichi - Kikimon - Kominato

American : Saru-mon's Castle

European : Knight's Castle

Ukkido - Pipo Guard - Monderella - Ukki~ichi - Ukkinee - Saru~mon - Monga - Ukkiton - King Leo - Ukkii - Saluto - King's Double - Mattsun - Miya - Mon~san - SAL~1000
Monkey White Battle! Monkey White
American : The Big City

European : Life in the Big City

Ukima - Monbolo - Pipo Mondy - Ukki Mattan - Bemucho - Ukki Nader - Sabu~sabu - Ginjiro - Kichiemon - Ukkilun - Bully~mon - Ukki Joe - Tamaki - Micky Oou - Sally Kokoroe - Monkey Manager - Supervisor Chimp - Boss Ape
American : Specter TV Studio European :Thrilling TV Studio Ukki Yan - Ukkipuss - Minoh - Monta - Pipopam - Monpii Ukkichi - Gabimon - Bananamon - Mokinza - Ukki Lee Ukki - Ukkida Jiro - Sal Ukindo - Gimminey - Hant - Chippino - Ukki Paul - Sally Mon - Bonly - Monly
American : Bootown

European : Little shop of Horrors

Monkichiro - Leomon - Uikkun - Take Ukita - Bonbon - Chichi - Ukkisuke - Chibi Sally - Ukkison - Saruhotep - Ukkito - Monzally - Ukkiami - Monjan - Nattchan - Kabochin - Ukki Mon - Mumpkin
American : Wild West Town

European : Wild West Village

Morrey - Jomi - Tammy - Ukki Gigolo - Monboron - West Ukki - Lucky Woo - Pamela - Ukki Monber - Gaukichi - Shaluron - <br /> Jay Mohn - Munkee Joe - Saru Chison - Jaja Jamo - Chammy Mo - Golon Moe - Golozo - Ukkia Munbo - Mon Johny
Monkey Blue Battle! Monkey Blue
American : The Hot Springs

European : Hot Springs for Good Health

Chabimon - Saru Sam - Kiichiro - Tome~san - Michiyan - Ukki~ichiro - Ukki~emon - Moki - Ukimi - Domobeh - Sam~san - Donkichi - Minokichi - Tatabo - Kimisan - Michiro - Gen~san - Mujakin - Mihachin
American : Winterville

European : Frozen Fun

Kimisuke - Konzo - Saburota - Mitsuro - Takuo - Konkichi - Fumikichi - Pipotron Yellow - Tamubeh - Kimikichi - Gonbeh - Shimmy - Mako - Miko - Tamio - Jeitan - Ukki~jii - Akki~bon - Kimi~chan - Sae~chan - Tassan - Tomokun
American : The Emperor's Castle

European : Shogun's Castle

Pipo Tobi - Masan - Mohachi - Mon Ninpo - Yosio - Fatty McFats - Kikimaru - Tomoku~chan - Uziko - GP - Walter - Monkibeth - Babuzo - Fishy Feet - Pipo Torin - Tomi - Master Pan - Monchin Chi - Masachi - Golota - Kinsuke
Monkey Yellow Battle! Monkey Yellow
American : Mount Amazing

European : Mishap Mountain

Ukkichi - Chomon - Ukkido - Kyamio - Talupon - Bokitan - Tami - Micchino - Talurin - Occhimon - Mikkurin - Kicchino - Kimurin - Sakkano - Camino - Valuccha - Pisuke - Kansuke - Pohta - Keisuke
American : Toytown

European: Apes in Toyland

Pikkori - TalUkki - Pinkino - Bon Mota - Bon Verna - Bon Papa - Bon Mama - Kalkin - Pakun - Ukki X - Mon Gareji - Shouji - Woo Makka - Monto - Mokitani - Namigo - Pipotron Red - Master Loafy - Golonero - Kocho - Tam Konta - Tam Mimiko - Tam Papa - Tam Mama
American : Arctic Wonderland

European : Antarctic Apeland

Bikupuri - Ukkisu - Ukki Ami - Balio - Kimkon - Ukkina - Kushachin - Malikko - Bolikko - Iceymon - Mokkidon - Jolly~mon - Hikkori - Rammy - Monkino - Kyam - Kappino - Kris Krimon
Mirage Town Scorpi~mon - Minimon - Moontero - Ukki Son - Ukki Jeff - Saru Maru - Genghis Mon - Cup~o~mon - Nijal - Apey Jones - Ukki Mamba - Golden Mon - Crazy 'ol Mon - Shamila - Tamiyanya - Salteenz - Dancing Mia - Miccho - Kisha - Gimuccho - Wojin - Princess Judy
Monkey Pink Battle! Monkey Pink
American : Eversummer Island

European : Summer Island

Ukki Mat - Salumani - Salulu - Baku - Salunch - Pincher~mon - Mong Popo - Mohcha - Kamcha - Bimocha - Gimchin - Kamaccha - Gyamu - Takumon - Ukki Ether - Tartan - Molzone - Chappio - Pomoah - Gucchai - Makaccho - Larry
American : Airplane Squadron

European : Formidable Fleet

Romo - Temko - Ukkigawa - Mokkido - Pont - Gamish - Prince Bertus - Takmon - Chai Bunny - Mukita - Tamrai - Kemunpa - Pipotron Blue - Mabaras - Tamoos - Kimoto - Octavian - Samuel - Coril - Bont - Delly - Jeloh - Bongo
American : Kung-Fu Alley

European : Kung fu Street

Dally - Nak Nayo - Donto Koi - Po Kin Ki - Ukki Chan - Uki Uki - Muki Muki - Shinchi - Doh Tsuitaro - Hi Uchi Ishi - Gala Waruo - Bassili Ukki - Canchi - Pikon - Bankan - Sukei - Giyan - Muchaki - Yoh Kitana - Goshi Andos - Pukuman - Block master - Tompo Wootan - Chechin - Hapcho - Bonmos - Dark Master - Teh Isu - Ponja
Monkey Red Battle! Monkey Red
American : Midnight Bay

European : Midnight Bayside

Nadamon - Patoya - Gumbo - Pehyan - Mokito - Pipo Kate - Samtan - Pokkine - Daban - Shiny Pete - Keiichi - Landon - McBreezy - Ronson - Gimo - Hiroshi - Nakabi - Mibon - Bololon - Gimi Gimi - Doemos - Kazuo - Pokkini - Jimo - Bokino - Makidon - Dogy - Gibdon - Buligie
American : Tomoki City

European : Tomuki City

Kichibeh - Bonchicchi - Mikibon - DJ Tamo - Ukkinaka - Ukkine - Pon Jiro - Chimpy - Kajitan - Uka Uka - Mil Mil - Taimon - Goro~san - Reiji - Ponta - Tomio - Gario - DJ Pari - Mitsuo - Riley - Pipo Ron - Mikita - SAL~13 - SAL~12 - Tomu - Breadacus - Ukkigoro - Ukiji - Tomimon
American : Dr. Tomoki Battle

European : Dr. Tomuki Battle

Dr. Tomoki / None
American : Space-TV Fortress

European : TV Space Station

Poko - Gamuo - Mukikko - Moto Ukki - Jimi Jami - Genbo - Twin Mitty - Uttey - Emma - Dokicchi - Kamicchi - Ukki Monda - Porokko - Zonelin - Tamano - Nelson - Koloneh - Miluchy - Robert - Fronson - Demekin - Kikuyoshi - Freet - Chico - Gamurin - Pipo Mon - Gam Gam - Doronbo - Benja - Macchan - Rokkun - Ukki Love - Momongo - Moepi - Pumon - Makiban - Upis - Mondatta - Gicchom - Barire - SAL~10 - SAL~11 - SAL~3000
Specter Battle! Specter
Specter's Final Battle! Specter

Gallery Edit

Ape Escape 3 JAP Ape Escape 3 Ape Escape 3 EUROPE


  • The engine on the train is a 4-4-0 engine or an American type steam locomotive, which was the most common wheel arrangement for steam trains, which were used most common on American railroads during the 1800s and 1830s until 1928 and were given the name "American" in 1872 to show all the work done on every railroad in the United States. These types of engines have eight wheels (four leading wheels, four driving wheels, and no trailing wheels).
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