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Balboa is a Secret Monkey found in the Breezy Village level of Ape Escape 2. It can be found by crossing the bridge at the start of the level and climbing up the stairs to find a pole. After that climb across the pole and break the miniature windmill on the other side with the Magic Punch and inside you should be able to find Balboa.

Stats Edit

Attack: Punch

Alertness: 4/5

Aggression: 5/5

Speed: 3/5

Stomach fullness: 2/5

Pants Type: Red

Phrase Edit

I'm gonna getchu!

Trivia Edit

  • This monkey is a reference to the famous fictional boxer Rocky Balboa
  • The monkeys phrase "I'm gonna getchu!" might possibly be a reference to the Ape Escape song "Monkey's Gonna Getchu! which appears in the Ape Escape 2 mini game Dance Monkey Dance

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