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Casi Ape Escape Million Monkeys
Name(s) Japan チャル (Charu)
Height Unknown




Appears in

Ape Escape NTSC-U Ape Escape Pumped & Primed

Voice actor(s)

Japan Tomoko Kawakami (game) Rina Satou (anime) America Peggy Small (AE1) Amanda Winn Lee (AE P&P) Jennifer Hale (OTL)

Casi is a computer program that takes the form of a human girl. She appears to help out whenever she can or assists the professor. She also appears as a real girl.


Little is known about Casi, except that she is a loyal assistant to the Professor and is also not quite as pushy as Natalie. She is a nice, but quiet girl.

Appearance Edit

Casi is a pale-fair skinned girl originally with big brown eyes that became green over time, and long flowing green hair usually worn straight down or in a ponytail.

Originally Casi wore a black spandex outfit with white cuffs below her shoulder and around her neck. She also wore white socks with red, white, and black shoes, two red bracelets, and a pair of red and white circled ear pieces.

Eventually she began to dress with more fashionable, revealing outfits that showed off some joints of her body, like at her knees or wrists.

Personality Edit

A helpful girl who appears to be formal with others.

Ape EscapeEdit

Working at the Professor's lab, she helps Spike travel through time by giving him instructions on how many apes he has to catch. She also displays the level titles and how many monkeys are in these stages.

Later when Natsumi and Professor are kidnapped by Specter and his monkeys, Casi became Spike's temporary mentor until they were rescued.

Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed Edit

She appears as a playable character.

Trivia Edit

  • Although not being present in Ape Escape 2, Jimmy can unlock 4 bonus sketches of her.
  • The name "Charu" originates from the word 'bacharu', a wasei-eigo of 'virtual'.

Gallery Edit

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