Dance Monkey Dance
Ape Escape 2 Dance Monkey Dance!

Minigame from

Ape Escape 2

How to unlock

Clear Ninja Hideout

Dance Monkey, Dance! is a minigame featured in Ape Escape 2, and the first to be unlocked with the Gotcha Box.

Description Edit

This minigame can either be played alone (Dance alone) or with a friend (Dance with a friend). You control a monkey dancing to a rhythm. Choose a track and then choose a song on the track. Beat each song to unlock the next. A panel of monkey judges judge your performance from 0-50.

How to play Edit

Choose a track to start. The left stick will control the monkey's right hand (Left from the player's view) and the right stick will control the monkey's left (Right from the player's view). Two arrows will come down at a time, signalling which way each hand should be pointing. Point the hands the way the arrows indicate as they reach the bottom of the screen and time it with the beat,

Playing with Pink Monkey Edit

Pink Monkey can be obtained (randomly) with the Gotcha Box and used as an alternative character in this minigame. However, it's currently unknown if clearing Dance, Monkey, Dance in Hard mode can increase the low probability to get her or not.

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