Dragon Kung Fu Fighter is a Morph obtained at Ukki Gang's Fists of Fury.

Abilities Edit

In this form, Kei and Yumi can link combo attacks and strengthen themselves. They can also capture monkey at close range, break things, hit switches, and clear out crowded areas.

Appearance Edit

Kei Edit

For this form, Kei keeps his goggles and normal hair, but it becomes darker in color and he gains a long braid at the bottom of his head. For it, he wears a dark blue Chinese top and pair of pants with white and red accents, a pair of black flats, and his normal red gloves.

Yumi Edit

Yumi's hair once again becomes a dark pink color while her bangs sharpen and she gains white cloths with flowing pink ribbons holding her pigtails. She wears a sleeveless teal themed Asian dress with floral print and a yin-yang sign in the center of the chest, a pair of tight white leggings with teal accents, teal flats, and a pair of powder blue arm sleeves with white lining. She also has simple gold earrings.

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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