Genie Dancer is a Morph obtained at ___.

Abilities Edit

Using this form, Kei or Yumi can distract the target by summoning a genie to dance around, making everyone join them. The user can also control the genie to aid them at specific points, or catch monkey's by using their weapons.

Appearance Edit

Kei Edit

Kei wears a red vest with gold detailing and a thick, puffy pair of white pants with a blue sash on top, where a golden object sits with a weapon concealed in it. He also gains a pair of dark berry flats with emerald gems and matching armbands, ruby earrings, a gold necklace with emerald gem on it, gold bracelets below the shoulders, and a white turban with a single dark blue feather in the center above a red gem, where Kei's goggles sit.

Yumi Edit

In this form, Yumi wears a red vest with pale yellow detailing and a pair of neon indigo puffed pants with white clothes tied to a gold belt around the top. Yumi also has white sandals with gold straps and ankle, a gold bangle bracelet, gold bangles below the shoulder, gold choker, and a pair of good earrings. In this form, Yumi's hair stays the same but she gains a small indigo pointed capt with white and gold accents and multiple blue gems.

Gallery Edit