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Hiroki (Buzz/Jake)
Ape Escape Jake
Gender Male
Family unknown



Good Jake: being friends with Spike

Evil Jake: challenging Spike in competitions to prove that he is better than him, being loyal to Specter


Evil Jake: losing against Spike in competitions

Appears in

Ape Escape NTSC-U Ape Escape Pumped & Primed Ape Escape Million Monkeys Logo1

Voice actor(s)

Japan Kazue Ikura (game) Junko Minagawa (anime)
America Peter Bayham (AE1) Derek Stephen Prince (AE P&P) Joshua Seth (OTL)

Hiroki (ヒロキ, Known as Jake in the American games and Buzz in the European ones) is Spike's best friend, and usually his biggest rival. He's often unwillingly controlled by Specter ("completely reborn," says Specter). He was supposed to be in the storyline for Ape Escape Million Monkeys, but the cutscene where Team Spike (as a good/right side) or Specter (as a bad/wrong side) encounters him was removed from the game according to the official Ape Escape Million Monkeys website. He was likely meant to be either the Second member of Team Spike or the Second member of Team Specter since he had always been shown to have both a good and evil side in the previous games. To make up for his absence, he was instead made to be a playable character in the Coliseum Mode and Multiplayer Mode. In Saru Get You ~On Air~, he is the son of a rich family and has a huge crush on Natalie (Natsumi).

Personality Edit

Jake (when not being controlled by Specter) is a lot like Spike, they both appear to be competitive as they race to the Professor's lab in the opening cutscene of Ape Escape. He also shows that he is strong willed when Jake becomes free from Specter's Control, yet he was taken put under control, which questions if he wanted to be controlled or not. Jake has a completely different personality when he is under the the control of Specter, Jake is very loyal toward him and goes along to try and stop Spike from messing with their plans for world domination.

Appearance Edit

Jake has blue hair and a pony tail (which appears in Ape Escape and gets removed in Ape Escape: On the Loose) and appears to be wearing a tank top and jeans. Jake has red eyes whenever he is under the control of Specter. He normally has gold-ish, yellow-colored eyes.

Role in Saru Get You! ~On Air~Edit

In the anime, Saru Get You ~On Air~, Jake is known as Hiroki. He is from a rich family which he notes in the episode when he comes to the lab with a golden net which looks like a Monkey Net even though it's a fake. Most of the time he is shown attempting to impress Natsumi (Natalie) (as he has a crush on her) and catching monkeys with Kakeru (Spike).

Jake carries a picture of Natalie with him and dreams about her nearly every time. He ultimately did a lot of heroic things in the anime to save Natsumi, such as when he saved Natsumi from the evil gone crazy Pink Monkey in Episode 36 Season 2 (protecting Natsumi from behind, and let Pink Monkey hit him instead). Hiroki will do anything to win Natsumi's heart.


Jake makes a minor appearance as unlockable concept artwork in Ape Escape 2.

Jake makes another brief appearance in Ape Escape 3 along with Spike under Specter TV's control.[clarification needed]

Jake also appears in Ape Escape:Pumped and Primed, once again under Specter's control. He challenges Spike, his friends, the monkeys, and the Pipotrons several times on a motorbike. Once the unknown man took over the cyber world, he took control of Jake, giving him a new look, but was soon beaten. After beating the grid core, he rejoined his friends, free from Specter's control and returned to the Professor's lab.


  • In the American version of Ape Escape 1, both Spike and Jake are portrayed as being more like grown teenagers, despite still being classified as 10-year olds.
  • A strange thing that is also noticeable between the Japanese and international versions of Ape Escape 1, is that in both the intro and cutscenes, both Spike and Jake's eye look and animations have been slightly readjusted to look somewhat less childlike and more serious. This is probably due to the fact that the American developers wanted Spike and Jake's facial expressions to match the voice actors' expressions more, instead of having the slightly less serious and more childlike attitude the two boys have in the Japanese version.