Mesal Gear Solid
Ape Escape 3 Mesal Gear Solid

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Ape Escape 3

Mesal Gear Solid is a minigame available in Ape Escape 3. It's based on the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

To obtain this minigame you must finish all the levels first (All monkeys do not need to be captured) it will then be in the hobby shop to buy for 575 Gotcha Coins.

When loading the save once all levels have been completed (after the message from Monkey Pink) Aki will tell Kei or Yumi about the minigame.

This mini game opens with a call from a mysterious man to the professor. Shortly after the call, the player, a monkey with the abilities and appearance of Solid Snake (From the original Metal Gear series) receives a call from Snake himself. Once the main gameplay kicks in, the player spawns in a facility armed with a Banana shaped silenced pistol with various monkey's from the original game (Yellow, White, Red, Black) roaming around with various weapons. The game plays extremely similar to the original Metal Gear games. Being third person and the constant requirement of stealth.

Shooting or damaging enough enemies will cause them to drop Dog tags. 

The Game over screen is a reference to the original game.

When detected, the "Alert" Or "!" Sound effect will play.

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