Miracle Ninja is a Morph obtained at ___.

Abilities Edit

This morph can walk across narrow ropes and along walls with footprints and can catch monkeys from a distance with "R3". Rotate the right stick to create some doppelganger clones to fight with you. If you hold the jump button, then you can also glide.

The weapons are Asian swords.

Appearance Edit

Kei Edit

Kei wears a sheer top with white and dark gray accents, brown fingerless gloves with white detailing, and a semi-baggy pair of dark gray pants held on by a bright red cloth with bronze plates on the knees. He also has sheer material covering his legs, a pair of dark gray socks with ninja sandals, a loose, flowing orange scarf, a mouth piece, and a pair of teal goggles with two straps around his head.

Yumi Edit

Yumi's hairstyle remains the same but her pigtails are held by orange ribbon instead of pink, and her forehead protector spaces out her bangs. Yumi wears a gray top and a pair of short white shorts underneath a fuchsia kimino-like outfit with hearts printed along the bottom. She also has a short pink scarf, a flowing red ribbon tied on her waist, ninja sandals worn with black leggings, and a pair of short black fingerless gloves.

Trivia Edit

  • In this form, Yumi resembles the female ninja in Bust A Move Bash.

Gallery Edit

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