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Ape Escape 2 Professor
Name(s) Japan Hakase
Doctor Ozel
Gender Male
Family Natalie (Granddaughter)
Height 170 cm

80 Kg


60 during Ape Escape 1

Voice actor(s)

Japan Joji Yanami (Games) Hideyuki Umezu (Anime)
America Michael Sousa (AE1) Jay Snyder (AE2) Chris Wiggins (P + P) Phil Proctor (OTL + AE3) Eric Bauza (Cartoon)
Europe Johnathan Keeble (AE2 + AE3, OTL)

The Professor is a well-known scientist, who is a recurring character in the Ape Escape series, and Natalie's grandfather. He is responsible for the creation of the Time Station, as well as the Peak Point Helmet and Casi respectively.


A very odd man who creates and makes the gadgets responsible for saving the world. The Professor has a good heart and only has everyone's best interests in mind. He in visions a safe and happy world, and only tends to gets violent when it is of the utmost importance, such as protecting the people he cares about. Besides creating gadgets, the Professor also sets up training rooms and other little things in order to help Spike.


Absent minded as always...

However, the Professor also happens to be somewhat of a klutz and airhead in terms of personality. He can be goofy or absent-minded at the rarest of times. He even once admitted that Natalie would be better than him due to her navigational skills. This also led to him accidentally leaving behind the Pipo Helmet, allowing Specter to find it.

In the anime, he is shown to be very emotional, almost bipolar. However, he also showcases moments of being intelligent and knowledgeable.


The Professor is portrayed as an older adult male. He sports a grayish-white mustache, and has fair skin for his respective age. He is rather pudgy, but not overtly obese and is most known for his massive balloon sized nose. He has smaller eyes in comparison to half of the cast that are blue-gray in color. He wears a plain, opened lab coat over a yellowish shirt and red tie.

He has changed his usual attire on rare occasion, such as when he was on vacation in AE2, in which he wore a tropical orange shirt with red flowers.

Ape Escape 1/On the LooseEdit

Professor was preparing to show Spike and Jake his newest invention, a time machine! When suddenly, Specter showed up and used it to travel back into time, thereby sucking them into the past with him and his monkeys. It was then he decided that Spike most stop the evil apes from taking over the world and re-writing history.

Later in the game, he and Natalie were kidnapped by Specter and taken to a bizarre theme park called "Specter Land". He was being held in a very odd spiraled cage, guarded by a twisted clown that Spike had to defeat in order to free him.

Ape Escape 2Edit

In AE2, The Professor is still around with Natalie being more involved as opposed to the previous title. Later while he is out, Jimmy runs into the Professor and is informed that he was at Casino City as part of his vacation.

Ape Escape 3Edit

Professor only makes a cameo appearance with both Spike and Jimmy. The three of them have been taken over by the "couch potato" syndrome by watching the Specter TV channels. Thus, Aki fulfills his role by providing the main protagonists with gadgets in his place.

Million MonkeysEdit

The Professor is a member of Team Spike. In this game, he uses a mech to aid him similar to in Pumped and Primed.

SaruSaru Big MissionEdit

Specter kidnaps the Professor, Aki, Yumi, Kei and Jimmy and shrinks the Laboratory with Spike and Natalie still inside of it. The two of them need to work together in order to save the others. He is later captured by White Monkey.

Saru Get You ~On Air~Edit

The Professor has more prevalent cameos as opposed to his involvement in the games, nearly appearing in every episode. He consistently works on making improvements to gadgets and items as evident by how many different Time Net's showcased throughout the series. However, he has a more a bit more goofy demeanor, similar to the personality of Spike.


  • His Japanese name Hakase is the Japanese word for Doctor.
  • In the training room it once listed him name as Dr. Ozel.
    Dr Ozel Ape Escape On the Loose


Cartoon Edit

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