SlingbackMeca pachinger

The Slingback Shooter is a gadget the character can receive during the game. While normally used to hit switches from a distance, it can also be used to stun apes, enemies and even boxes in some instances. To use, the player must pull back (R button for AE1/OTL, right control stick for AE3) then use the cross hairs to aim for the destination.

When trying to get a moving target, it's best to pick a spot before the target. As you see the target approach, shoot it.

The Slingback Shooter has 3 types of bullets:

  1. Normal Ammo: This is an unlimited supply, the weakest type.
  2. Explosive Pellets: Like bombs, but work like Normal Ammo. Must be aimed properly in order to be effective.
  3. Guided Pellets: Shoots off 3 at once and guide themselves to the target as long as they are aimed near it.

Explosive and Guided Pellets can be collecting during levels. They can also be purchased at the store in Ape Escape 3.


The standard Slingback Shooter is a yellow slingshot with a silver handle and gold piece on the bottom. In the center is a teal gem shaped piece, most likely the cross hair projection device. The band for the Slingback Shooter is orange.

In AE3, the silver handle is now colored blue and the band is now reddish in color. While Kei's resembles a normal one, Yumi's center piece is heart shaped.


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