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Ape Escaep 3 Specter Elegant2
Name(s) Japan Europe Specter/Kuuta

America Spector (AE1)

Height 125 cm

28 Kg


4 (in Ape Escape PAL)

Voice actor(s)
  • Japanese: Chika Sakamoto
  • American: Pete Burrows (AE1) Greg Abbey (AE2) Charlie Schlatter (Ape Escape 3 + Academy) Crispin Freeman (P + P) Dee Bradley Baker (OTL) Greg Ellis (Cartoon)
  • UK: Marc Silk (AE2 + AE3, OTL)

Specter is the main Antagonist through the series. Best known for his advanced Peak Point Helmet and weapons he makes to accomplish his evil plans. He wishes to dominate the world and form a place where Apes rule while humans suffer.

As he is the main antagonist, Specter has appeared in every game and spin-off in the series.

He even got a series of cartoons based on him and the chaos the Pipo Monkey's cause. Overall, it can be said that Specter is one of the series more popular characters.

See: Specter Coins


Specter is a dangerous ape that began life as an adorable, well loved monkey. After using the Pipo Helmet to increase his intelligence Specter soon turned crazy and filled with desires to over power the entire world with his pipo monkey army! He seems to not miss this life at all, claiming it to be horrendous and dim.

Though he is calculating and usually calm and cool, Specter does have quite the murderous temper when ticked off. He's also very tricky, and has fooled his oponents multiple times to escape or attack once more.

Between the games his personality does not change much. Though at first he was more playful and dark, gaining his short temper over time and come AE3 he has gained a somewhat more emotional side. Specter is usually seen smirking and occasionally mock others, to the point of teasing or laughing at them. This taunting did turn Dr. Tomoki against him though, after hearing his past accident and what happened to him.

Despite his behavior, and lack of claim. Specter has shown concern for his simple-minded monkey minions. They worship him and treat him as a god like figure, having dedicated and erected many statues and golden objects resembling him. They wish to be like him, and even a couple claim to be his personal favorite.

Specter also seems to be aware of the fact that he may treat them badly some of the time. Such as in one of the Saru Get You ~On Air~ episodes when he was shown very confused, almost remorseful for what he did when he used one of the pipo monkeys and disguised them as a baby as a trap for Spike. Which nearly killed it in the process.

Due to his actions, Specter's sanity seems to range between game to game, to series to series. He normally is calm and cool about everything, but as said, he is easy to anger. And near the end of the anime he went crazy to the point of wanting to destroy everything and kill every single human in the world just because he was tired of dealing with them.

During the events of Ape Escape Move, he is shown to be a much more sympathetic character with a sad story and isn't as evil as he seems in everything else.

It's been made clear that he doesn't like anybody else except himself. In AE1, he did seem to care for his trainer and even asked about them. And in Playstation Move, he was very upset because his trainer was very saddened by his having to leave and even tried to stop the mission. But he's never once showed concern for anything or anyone in mostly anything else. Monkey Pink has a massive crush on him but he in turn is disturbed by this and despises her more then anything, even when she provides help.


Specter is an albino monkey with blood red colored eyes (Pinkish-red in the cartoons. Dark red in the anime). At first he wore nothing but a pair of red shorts. But after his transformation into an evil human like monkey he begins to wear a black ripped up cape like shirt. His hair at first was worn under the Pipo helmet but after modifying it a bit, he managed to fit his spiked hair through the new holes he made. It's also worth noticing that over time his spikes gained blue highlights at the very tips. Specter's bangs usually cover one of his eyes.

In Ape Escape 3 he switched to wear a black tuxedo with a pair of shorts instead. In everything after this, he switched to a Red cape and leather jeans with a pair of black matching shoes. Specter is also in this attire during SaruSaru Big Mission.

Specter has always looked the same, but his most different appearance would be in the Playstation Move game. Where he has a fur trimmed neck and spiked hair in an emo-like fashion. He wore an astronaut suit in a few scenes of the game.

Ape Escape Edit

ChrismhAdded by Chrismh
Specter began life as an ordinary white monkey performing at a circus/amusement park.

One day he stumbled across the Professor's Peak Point Helmet and placed it on the top of his head. The object had taken control of his mind, making him very smart and more human-like. Even outsmarting the smartest of all men...

Unfortunately, it also turned him into a power mad ape who soon busted out of the park with his army with plots to rule the entire world!

After breaking out of the amusement park Specter copied the Peak Point helmet and made weaker versions which he proceeded to give to his fellow Monkies. He hijacks the Professor's Time Station in order to re-write history by letting the Apes cause chaos in different time periods. Unfortuantly for him, Spike and Jake also are pulled in.

Later after sending a transmission to Spike, it's revealed that he captured the Professor and Natalie and is holding them in his special made Amusement Park "Specter Land". Despite the Professor trying to warn him of the evils concerning the Peak Point helmet but he refuses to return it. Instead showing his newer 'better' model that has increased Capacity, making him even more deadlier and dangerous. To make matters worse its revealed
ChrismhAdded by Chrismh
he also hypnotized Jake to do his bidding.

Spike finally finds Specter at Trick Castle where he escapes, leaving behind a robot knight to destroy him. He defeats him and returns to the present to see that Specter has already altered history and is changing things like notice boards and statues being replaced with him instead. Spike once more later finds him at the TV Tower holding a tied up Professor and Natalie who are then pulled away by Jake. He attemps to destroy Spike with his battle cruiser but it soon defeated. Vanishing and leaving behind another Transmission for him to come to Specter Land now.

Once Spike reachers the castle, Specter tries to convince him to join him but Spike denies it. Enraged by this, Specter attempts to kill Spike with a new high tech weapon. He refuses to surrender and return to the awful Amusement Park he once lived at and disappears as the castle is about to erupt. He is once again found at his base at Dimension X. Specter once again asks Spike if he will join him, but he still refuses.

He puts down a final challenge to Spike and agrees to remove his helmet if he loses. Very confident that he will win. After a fierce battle Spike finally captures Specter with the Monkey Net and transports him back to the present..

Ape Escape 2Edit

ChrismhAdded by Chrismh
After Jimmy accidentally sends a group of Pipo Helmets along with Monkey pants to the Amusement park when Specter (as a normal monkey) comes across the Helmet once more and regains his Evil plans and intelligence.

This time he sends his monkey's around the world to change it to his liking. Real places in fact. He has also been giving special Vita-Z Bananas to a group of five special Ape's called The Freaky Monkey Five.

After Jimmy captures all of the Freaky Monkey Five, except for Yellow. His little friend, Pipotchi is kidnapped as Specter plans to use the data in his Peak Point helmet and transfer it into a device called the 'Lethargy Laser'. He is soon confronted in a monkey controlled Military Base waiting for Jimmy in a hi-tech gunship. Before the two can battle however, Yellow monkey is now a giant due to overdosing on the Vita-Z Bananas and attacks. Specter flees and soon reveals his plans to use the laser to make all the humans in the world lose their will to fight. Making it easier for him and his ape's to take over the world. Jimmy tries to convince him otherwise, much like Spike previously but to no avail. Humans will never give up! and with that he captures Specter.

Shortly afterwards, Specter escapes and goes into hiding until he is found by Jimmy once more and captured.

Ape Escape 3Edit

Specter, through an unexplained accident recieves another Pipo helmet and begins broadcasting hypnotic
Specter formal
ChrismhAdded by Chrismh
television shows to every tv set in the world. When anyone is caught by suprise by the shows, they would be turned into "mindless couch potatoes". Specter also regrouped the Freaky Monkey Five and has a new human accomplice named Dr. Tomoki. Who wants revenge on mankind for laughing at him when his head had been fused with a Monkey Helmet due to an experiment. Kei and Yumi, the younger twin nephew and niece of Aki set out to stop Specter when Spike, Jimmy, and Professor are hypnotized by the mind-controlling television.

Later after Specter laughs at Tomoki's secret (Somehow not aware before) The human male leaves Specter's side and joins forces with them. Later they arrive at Specter's base way in Outer Space to face him. Specter reveals his true plan: To send a giant Karate chopped metal hand and chop the earth directly in half so that he can rule one half of it with his monkey's and let the humans fight over the other half. Which he was going to give to Tomoki, up until his betrayal.

Kei and Yumi race against time to defeat Specter's Gorilla robot after a confrontation, even after Specter is caught its not long that he recovers his helmet from Monkey Pink. Who had escaped capture after her battle and released Specter and the rest of the Freaky Monkey Five.

Signature move ("No Mercy!"): King Gorilliac's head will smash to the middle of where Kei or Yumi is when trying to knock Specter off of his flying chair.

Ape Escape 2001Edit

The storyline is a simpler compared to the original game. Specter has made all the monkeys' pants dirty and Spike has to wash them (by stealing them from the apes)

Ape QuestEdit

Specter doesn't make any direct appearances in this game, though he makes multiple cameos throughout it. Implying that the apes think of him in a god-like manner.

Ape Escape Academy (/Ape Academy 2) Edit

The player stars as an Ape enrolling into the Monkey Academy, raising its grades through a series of Mini-games in order to work for Specter.

In Academy 2, Specter invents a new card game popular among Humans and Monkey alike. He makes a super special card after planning world domination and makes those who wish to own it enter a tournament. The winner will recieve the card.

Million MonkeysEdit

The game is composed of two teams with the same gameplay but different storyline. "Team Specter" consist of Specter and a group of Monkeys.

Specter is on vacation and is alerted by the Piposaru that the monkeys have started to take over the world, without his permission. Someone has created a Specter impostor! So Specter goes to save the world before he can be defeated. Once the impostor is defeated it's revealed it was a Pipotron called "Meta" and it can take form of any living creature. The Pipotrons used Meta to take control of the monkeys, and now that he is gone the monkeys have gone wild throughout Tokyo, and mutant creatures have taken over the city. It's now up to Specter and his team to save the world.

SaruSaru Big MissionEdit

Specter kidnaps the Professor, Aki, Yumi, Kei, and Jimmy and shrinks the Laboratory with Spike and Natalie still inside of it.

Playstation Move Ape EscapeEdit

Specter moon
ChrismhAdded by Chrismh
Specter is the only previous character from the older games to return. However he is noticeably very different then his usual forms.

It's revealed he was a monkey they planned to send into Space until the time came. His trainer/human that worked with him had become very upset when it came time for him to leave. This in turn had made him very upset but they held her back and refused to let him cancel this mission. Sending him up into space where he spent time developing a hatred for humans.

He was soon rescused by descendents of other monkeys sent into space and taken to a special ship where he remains. Specter is seen to be very bitter and sad about his entire experience.

It's also revealed he dislikes the cold Space air. It's also worth noticing he takes on a more 'emo' appearence compared to before where he could usually be smirking or with a glaring expression.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Edit

Specter appears as a non-playable hazard character in the crossover fighting game, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. He appears in the Time Station stage (which is based on the hub area from the original Ape Escape), where he will constantly summon various creatures from various PlayStation franchises using the time portal, such as a Harpy from God of War III, a Lurker Shark from the Jak and Daxter series and a Vermin truck from Twisted Metal. He can also summon Pipo Monkeys and the main stage hazard, the Satan Chimera from the Resistance series.

Specter also appears in the game as a downloadable minion.

Saru Get You ~On Air~Edit

In the anime, Specter was a little white monkey name Kuuta. Kuuta is Natalie's pet monkey and they have a sister and brother relationship. Kuuta was captured by Pipotron J who brainwashed him with a Peak Point Helmet that made him become Specter. Specter wanted to try and make the world just for monkeys and used many of them for his plans. Though he ultimately failed due to Professor and Spike's meddling. When Spike tried to use the Net on him, it failed due to Specter's strength.

When the Pipotrons took Specter again into a special virtual world, they chained him up, but then Specter became stronger and broke free and escaped. The second time Spike tried, the Net had been upgraded to transform him back into Kuuta but despite capture, failed to change him back. Specter broked out the Paradise Room, then proceeded to tie up Casi and The Professor. He was about to finish them off until seeing how well his monkeys were being treated. Seeing clips of Spike saving them and tending to them, he was very touched by this and before changing back he helped Spike defeat Pipotron J and willingly removed the helmet.

It's revealed that Kuuta was just a host for the real Specter, who modified his form to resemble his own. Then in the final season he pretended to be Pipo Angel.


  • Specter is the most popular character among fangirls.
  • Specter's appearence has changed the most compared to other characters.
  • Specter seems to hate the following: Cold, Yellow Monkey, Pink Monkey, and possibly Bananas as seen in the anime when he sent his monkeys to destroy the giant Banana statue Kuuta loved most. Also note, he's never been seen eating them.
  • Specter happens to somewhat resemble Near from Death Note in his Playstation Move form.
  • The fact he wore a tuxedo could be based on the phrase "Monkey Suit"
  • Specter has appeared the most of all characters, having appeared in everything ape Escape related.
  • His usual blue highlights appear Pink/violet-colored in Ape Escape Academy.


Ape Escape 1Edit

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Ape Escape 3Edit

PlayStation Move: Ape Escape Edit

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