Run Kei!

Kei being chased by little red riding Ape

The Time Net (later simply called "Monkey Net") is the most essential item for all Ape catchers to have in their arsenal. Throughout the series, the use and appearence of the Time Net generally remain the same with minor name differences or appearence change. Another name for it is the Monkey Net, and later, the GetNet.

It is a vital gadget made by the Professor. An alternate form of this upon reaching the water is The Aqua Net.


The Time Net is a special net made by the Professor and adjusted by Natalie. It primarily works like a regular net, by swinging it on the specified target. However, it differs in a sense that upon catching the target, it sends them to the Ape holding area, a "paradise room" of some sort until they're all gathered.

Jimmy using the Monkey Net to capture a monkey.

In Ape Escape 3, a monkey can sometimes grab the net and use it against you (see picture above). When this happens, they will chase you with the net and attempt to catch you with it. If the monkey succeeds in catching you, you will be sent back to the TV Station

The Time Net is usually assigned to the Xicon button in gameplay.

In Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale the Time Net is named Monkey Net and is Spike's Super Level 1.



Monkey Net as seen in Ape Escape 2 and 3.

Its appearence is a basic long blue shaded rod with a silver rounded part on the top with a net. In Ape Escape 1 and On the Loose, its physical appearance looks slightly less detailed with its rod and top-rounded part being gray. The net part has a cyan-colored glow. In Ape Escape 2 and up, the net part itself has a more animated glow to it.

In Saru Getchu ~On Air~, the Time Net is a plain rod used to make carrying it easier. When the button on the bottom was hit, the top half would pop out. At first it was very simple and basic.

Jake has a very special golden net he personally made for himself since he thought it would impress Natalie if he could catch the apes. Natalie was unimpressed but soon got worried upon realizing it wasn't at all like the original ones, basically being just a "flashy knockoff". In the next episode, a normal blue net was given to Jake in order to catch apes with Spike and the golden net was never seen again.
Haruka Net

Space themed net

Another variation of the Time Net is a special space themed one. It looks the same as a normal net but the rod is purple. Instead of small red markings by the net, they are green colored. The net retains its blue color.

Another variation of the Time Net is called "The Ultimate Super Net Get!". It was made by Professor in order to capture Specter/Kuuta. This particular Net has an orange theme. Including the net itself.


  • As the apes can grab it with ease, it can be assumed just about anyone could use a Time Net. Not just ape catchers.
  • The Time Net can grab items too, e.g. Cookies, Coins, etc.


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