Water Net
Water Net 2


Shoots a powerful Time Net underwater

The Water Net is a Gadget first appearing in Ape Escape. It's a water version of the Time Net and changes form as soon as the character gets into the water to catch the monkeys that decided to take a dip. It also provides the player/character with breathing capabilities, a guide for aiming, and helping them swim.

As soon as the character hits land/air again, it will revert back into the Time Net.

The Net itself shoots from the front of the device, much like when using the Western themed Transformation.


The Water Net is a simple, small yellow object with white and orange coloring. It has silver-bronze handles that the player can hold onto to for easier control.

It's one of the few Gadgets that has no difference for Yumi, in comparison to the others. It has vritually remained unchanged throughout all of its appearences.


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