Wild West Kid is a morph Kei or Yumi can acquire in Ape Escape 3. It is available at the start of Wild West Town.

Abilities Edit

Tilting the right stick lets you use pistols, pressing "R3" allows you to launch nets for catching monkeys. Finally, by rotating the right stick, you will charge a guided shot. Release the stick to fire that guided shot.

Appearance Edit

Kei Edit

Kei wears a powder blue top wth red chaps, a vest, hat, and gloves, all of which have red accents and tassels. Around the neck is an orange neckerchief, and Kei also has a pair of dull brown denim pants, and bright brown shoes with tan straps and blue wheels on the back of them. He also gains a tall themed double holster for his guns.

Yumi Edit

Yumi wears a simple white tank top with lavender lining and a heart in the center, along with a pair of denim shorts, pink gloves with white and red accents, and blue shoes with hearts at the toe. She also has a pair of American-style chaps, a blue neckerchief, and a pink cowboy hat to match her single holser piece hanging loose on her hips.

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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