Winterville / Frozen Fun is the 9th level of Ape Escape 3

Channel Guide Edit

Winterville / Frozen Fun is Channel 9. Here, "Monkey Come, Monkey Go" / "Primitive Winter Wonderland" is filmed.

Description Edit

NTSC: One monkey goes, and another one comes...such is the joy of life. Delivered right from the source: a feel-good rhythm that moves the soul.

PAL: No place is too inhospitable for the world's most advanced species. Sub-zero temperatures hardly faze this taiko-drumming village of survivalist simians.

Appearance Edit

Monkey List Edit

NTSC - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - PAL
Monkey Name Monkey Title Monkey Name Monkey Title
Kimisuke Stage monkey Jerry Set design
Konzo Extra Konzo Side role
Saburota Athelete Blake Athlete
Mitsuro Stage monkey Mitsuro Set design
Takuo Stage monkey Takuo Set design
Konkichi Villager Konkichi Villager
Fumikichi Chef Fumikichi Cook
Pipotron Yellow Pipotron Yellow Pipotron Pipotron
Tamubeh Villager Kick M. Strong Villager
Kimikichi Villager Kneez B. Cracken Villager
Gonbeh Villager Gombe Villager
Shimmy Impersonator Bigaru Impersonator
Mako Expert Bruno Paz Taiko drummer
Miko Young Brother Anthony Little brother
Tamio Young Brother Derek Little brother
Jeitan Mask seller Jaysun Mask maker
Ukki-jii Master Miyagi Guru
Akki-bon Sumo wrestler Akebonnie Sumo wrestler
Kimi-chan Dancer Kimi-chan Dancer
Sae-chan Dancer Sae-chan Dancer
Tassan Cameramonkey Tat-san Cameraman
Tomokun Microphone Tomo-kun Grip

Time Trial Edit

  • Bronze - 01' 00" 0
  • Silver - 00' 35" 0
  • Gold - 00' 25" 0

Trivia Edit

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